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Cake Competition

Annual Llandudno Daffodil Cake Competition

Under 11s
11 - 18's

2014s competition will be held on Sunday 6th April at 2pm at The Imperial Hotel, Llandudno

It's hard being a judge but someone's got to do it! We already have a waiting list for judges for the next competition - it must be one of the best jobs in Llandudno!

it's tough being a judge but someones got to do it!

And the winners are........


Judges for the 2012 competition were Llandudno Mayor and Mayoress Cllr and Mrs Robbins, CEO of CAIS Clive Wolfendale, Miss Alice, Nicol Thompson age 9.

In 2013 Nicol was a judge as Miss Daffodil and was on crutches. She was accompanied by Mayor Cllr Myra Wigzell and Clive Wolfendale.

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After the judging the spectators were invited to taste the cakes!

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2013 Competition - date and venue to be arranged.

Please note that cakes will be tasted by the judges on the day.
There are no cake specifications other than the cake be edible.
Any one baking cupcakes or fairy cakes must bring at least 12.

Junior entrants must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Photographs will be taken on the day and will be used for promotion and advertising. Please tell us if you do not want your photograph used.

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goats and daffs 2.jpgCake Competition

The Cennin Pedr Bach made their first public appearance at the 2012 Cake Competition with their debut single 'I'm a Spring Flower' written by Katie Thompson age 7. The girls are Nicol Thompson, age 9, Nicola Jackson age 9 and Katie Thompson. The three girls are pupils at Ysgol Tudno, Llandudno

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